Types of Bunk Beds

Configurations available

Types of Bunk Beds
Types of Bunk Beds

Standard Bunk Bed

This is your typical bunk bed with one bed up and one bed down. The post is solid so it is always a bunk bed. (except with our sturdy bunk beds you can turn this into a loft.) The Standard Bunk comes in Twin over Twin, Full over Full & Queen over Queen.

Stackable Bunk Bed

The Stackable post is cut horizontally, so you have the choice to stack the beds into a bunk bed or have them as two separate beds. We make a stackable in a Twin over Twin & Full over Full & Queen over Queen.

Twin Over Full & Twin XL Over Queen

This bed has the narrower bed on top and wider bed on the bottom.


The L-Shape has the upper bed along one wall and the lower bed is separate and goes under the upper bunk the opposite way, to make the shape of an L. The two beds are separate, basically a loft and a twin bed, which allows you to use each bed separately. While most L-Shapes are Twin over Twin, at CustomBunkBeds.com you can mix your sizes. We have made a Twin XL on top with a King below and a Full above with a Twin below.

Convertible Bunk Bed

The Convertible Bunk Bed is made just like an L-Shape, except the upper bunk is longer to allow the lower bed to either be L-Shaped or you can tuck the lower bed underneath like a Standard Bunk or Full over Twin depending on which size you choose. This configuration is great for transitioning families. If a parent and child have to share a room for awhile, the parent can take one bed and child(ren) can take the other. When they get their own room they can put one bed in one room and the other bed in the other room, if they choose.

Triple Bunk Bed

This bed is three beds in one. Top, middle and bottom bunk. We will build this bed for you, but it is best with young children, not adults because of the height restraints and the space between the bunks is very limited, even with the lower bunk on the ground. If you have taller than the standard 8' ceiling then this bed can be made taller and give a little more space. The other option is to use a trundle underneath a bunk bed. We offer different types of trundles under all of our bunk beds, Captain's Beds and Daybeds.


A trundle can be used under any of our beds. We offer the trundles in a stationary metal spring unit (which is always down low), a pop up metal spring unit (which after you pull the trundle out from under the bed you pop it up). It pops up to the same height as a standard bed. Solid Wood trundle that pulls out. Although we make the solid wood trundle, it is much heavier than the metal version.